And For My Next Number ….

by | Jun 1, 2022

Well, I don’t know when the rest of the podcasts that I have recorded will be released so …. I have to find other ways to pester all of you! Toward that end, I have started a Blog on my website. This message is actually being sent from the blog builder on my website.

Periodically I will post ……. “stuff”. Some of it will be leadership lessons based on actual events from my career. Some will be content that I will share from sources on LinkedIn and the newsfeeds of leadership experts that I am following. I will feature Dan McConnell’s sketches from time to time (he has done some recently that show he is still the conscience of the community). Hopefully, I can get some other members of the Brotherhood to share experiences. I know that many of them have anecdotes and tales that will make your jaw drop. I don’t think I can commit to a schedule but I will try to make my posts frequent enough so that you do not lose interest, but also don’t feel overwhelmed.

Oh, and the most important thing: Thank you all for your feedback and the reviews you have provided. Please spread the word about my website and this new blog. Obviously, new subscribers are welcomed.


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