Praise for The Intrepid Brotherhood

“The introduction gets straight to the point on what the book touches on and doesn’t leave readers bored.  I like how the book is written with the intent to educate and the tone of the writer resembles humility, integrity and honour.  I’m impressed with the leadership style Gordon has adopted.  If you want to learn more about leadership, I highly recommend this book”

–Buzwekazi Mnikina 3rd+Certified Virtual Assistant, The Room Fellow, IT Support

“Part management self-help, part memoir, this unique book helps to Identify the evil person who wants your position or wants to destroy a rival. This book should be required reading for all future members of a Board such as Commissioners, Directors, and Trustees.”

–Randy Whitaker, retired General Manager, Harney Electric Cooperative and former Engineering Director at Chelan County PUD

“This true story reads like a script for a Netflix or Amazon original series like “House of Cards”. There are a lot of “one minute manager” type books out there with behavioral recipes for success. However, not many reveal that the ladder to ‘success’ may require difficult choices that may compromise your integrity, morals, or ethics.”

–Charles D. Berrie, Retired Assistant General Manager, Grant County Public Utility District
and former Power Marketing staff member at Chelan County PUD

“The larger story of “Intrepid Brotherhood” was played out again and again in organizations big and small across the world. The story has larger implications, and perhaps will be studied by historians who try to make sense out of the changes that the computer revolution wrought for society.”

– Reader Views review

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