Gordon Graham

Gordon Graham is a former information technology professional with over 30 years of experience in the electric utility industry. During his career, he was recognized by peers and industry trade associations as an authority on information technology management issues and was a sought-after speaker on information technology strategy and aligning technology with business.

In addition to his decades-long career, Gordon earned an AAS degree in computer science from Columbia Basin College, a BA in public administration from the University of Puget Sound, and an MBA in information technology management from City University, along with numerous certifications in IT and project management. He has served as the information technology section chair for the Northwest Public Power Association and as both information technology section chair and vice chair of the Business and Finance Committee for the American Public Power Association. Additionally, he has also served on curriculum committees for Wenatchee Valley College and NCW High School Skills Center.

Now retired, Mr. Graham lives in Oregon with his wife, where they enjoy gardening, boating, and traveling.

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I am reading a book called "Corruptible" by Brian Klaas. The subtitle is "who gets power and how it changes us". About halfway through the book Klaas has thoroughly documented that "Corruptible people are drawn to power. They are often better at getting it. We, as...

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Today’s Leader

One of the first podcasts that I recorded, with "Coach" Tony Curl on the Today's Leader show. Be sure to check the podcast directory on this website for other shows that I may not have alerted you to. https://todaysleader.com.au/426-gordon-graham-a-leaders-integrity/...

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