Where’s Waldo………?

by | Dec 15, 2023

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for sometime.

I am taking a different direction and concentrating on things other than this blog. I have changed marketing companies and am working on preparing my manuscript for an audio version of The Intrepid Brotherhood. My marketing company is also targeting foreign publishers to find out if there is any interest in translating and publishing the book in other countries. Pretty cool stuff.

Deanna and I have also been nurturing our home life, traveling and spending time with family. The most rewarding and valuable uses of our time that we can imagine at this age.

So, it is likely that you won’t see anything from this blog again until I have a progress report on my current projects. I thank you all for listening to my past rants as I educated myself on just exactly what motivated the individuals who perpetrated the events that almost destroyed the second largest, non-federal, public hydro-electric utility in the nation in the early part of this century. I have met some very knowledgeable people through my podcast appearances and read some enlightening books on toxic leadership. We should all be sponges for knowledge in our twilight years. At least I know that I will keep seeking more. It feels good.

Stay Courageous,