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The Foundation

Ed Warren and his wife Lorraine were "paranormal investigators", or ghost hunters. They had a colorful and controversial career. Perhaps in contrast to others in their industry, they believed strongly in demonology and possession so they approached their work with a...

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The Proper State ……..

All of the podcast hosts that I have interviewed with have asked me about my references to the Greek philosopher Aristotle in my book The Intrepid Brotherhood. Many readers have probably wondered about the same thing. When asked, I have tried to provide my...

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More From The Real Talent

Happy Labor Day! Dan McConnell asked me to include some links to his more recent work. Glad to oblige. Dan McConnell, Cartoonist | Facebook Dan McConnell (@cartoonydan) • Instagram photos and videos Stay Courageous, Gordon

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The Real Talent

I was privileged to be granted permission to use some of the cartoon sketches of Cashmere artist Dan McConnell in my book "The Intrepid Brotherhood". All of the sketches that I used were produced by Dan during the actual timeline of the events related in the story, so...

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“Count Me In” with Adam Larson

I’ve been trying to schedule my blog posts for Mondays, two weeks apart. But, when something unexpected pops up I will make you aware of it immediately. So……… another one of my podcast interviews was just released! This time with Adam Larson of the Institute of...

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The Dilemma …..

My book, The Intrepid Brotherhood, relates a history or series of events that eventually required me to make a life changing decision.  In fact, although their circumstances may not have been as intense, everyone in the organization was faced with making a similar...

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Sometimes A Wrong Notion

- Several times in my career I was told something like “well, you aren’t really the boss until you have fired someone”. It occurred most frequently during the time period that is covered in my book The Intrepid Brotherhood. I can remember at least three individuals...

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