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The Size of The Elephant

Many people encounter toxic leadership in their careers but end up suffering through it in silence. The prevalence of toxic leadership in organizations across the world is the subject of much debate. There is plenty of data to support the contention the as many as 1...

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Why? Indeed.

✨“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou A number of people have expressed curiosity as to why I chose to record the events related in The Intrepid Brotherhood and to make them available for general consumption. Some have...

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The Adaptive Executive

Last week I was on "The Adaptive Executive" show with Greg Ballard, CEO of Five C Consulting. Being a leadership coach, Greg has a great understanding of the chaos that a toxic leader can bring to an organization, to say nothing of the collateral damage they inflict...

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The Art of Paying Attention

I recorded this interview with Ryan Pelton back in May and it was published on August 4th. He was a wonderful host and we had a great time discussing toxic leadership and the process of writing The Intrepid Brotherhood. This one is a little over an hour long. I hope...

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Once A Bully……….

I’ve often wondered if the antagonist in my book “The Intrepid Brotherhood” was capable of change. I’ve also been asked that question by most of the podcast hosts I have interviewed with. I think it is natural to wonder if toxic leaders are “fixable”. The question I...

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The Dog Ate My Homework

Abraham Lincoln referred to our tendency to continually have faith in people that we know are corrupt as “the better angels of our nature”. Most of us want to believe that untruths and deceptions perpetrated by our leaders are anomalies. But, as we have seen in...

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The Cabal

I began my book "The Intrepid Brotherhood" with a quote from Peter Zrioka: "Why is it that the monsters among us so easily find willingdisciples? It is because they are not the apparitions we expectthem to be, but rather reflections of ourselves." Social scientists...

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Play Your Position

Mary Lou Kayser is the host of the “Play Your Position” podcast. I was very fortunate to be her guest on February 15 of this year. Mary Lou has over 25 years of experience in corporate and entrepreneurial settings. In addition to being a podcast host, she is a coach,...

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