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Hey Sports Fans!

The audiobook version of The Intrepid Brotherhood is now available at all of the outlets listed below.  24Symbols  3 Leaf Group  Amazon/Audible  Anyplay  Apple  Audiobooks Now  Audioteka  Baker & Taylor,...

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Look! A Look Book!

I hope everyone is doing well in this new year. Just bringing you up to date on the two projects I mentioned in my previous post late last year. The DropCap Agency has produced a "Look Book" marketing piece for The Intrepid Brotherhood. The best analogy I can come up...

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Where’s Waldo………?

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for sometime. I am taking a different direction and concentrating on things other than this blog. I have changed marketing companies and am working on preparing my manuscript for an audio version of The Intrepid...

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Be The Difference

I did this podcast with Greg Birch's show "Be The Difference" on August 8th. It was a great conversation. He surprised me at the end with the question "what three people, living or dead, would you like most to have a conversation with"? I hadn't ever had to consider...

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Where Have All The Mentors Gone?

This quote was posted recently on LinkedIn by a podcast host with whom I was a guest earlier this year. Her accompanying comment was "I love this quote from Brene' Brown". I have a great deal of respect for this host and the work that she does, so my initial reaction...

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Let’s Try This Again

I tried to post this earlier and, you may have noticed, there was an obvious issue!   Rather than concentrating on the fun stuff (dissecting the behaviors, characteristics and motivations of toxic leaders), this post is specifically to express gratitude for your...

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The Size of The Elephant

Many people encounter toxic leadership in their careers but end up suffering through it in silence. The prevalence of toxic leadership in organizations across the world is the subject of much debate. There is plenty of data to support the contention the as many as 1...

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Why? Indeed.

✨“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou A number of people have expressed curiosity as to why I chose to record the events related in The Intrepid Brotherhood and to make them available for general consumption. Some have...

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The Adaptive Executive

Last week I was on "The Adaptive Executive" show with Greg Ballard, CEO of Five C Consulting. Being a leadership coach, Greg has a great understanding of the chaos that a toxic leader can bring to an organization, to say nothing of the collateral damage they inflict...

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