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Love of Power

I am reading a book called "Corruptible" by Brian Klaas. The subtitle is "who gets power and how it changes us". About halfway through the book Klaas has thoroughly documented that "Corruptible people are drawn to power. They are often better at getting it. We, as...

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Today’s Leader

One of the first podcasts that I recorded, with "Coach" Tony Curl on the Today's Leader show. Be sure to check the podcast directory on this website for other shows that I may not have alerted you to.

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Appearance on CFO Bookshelf – With Mark Gandy

I know I have been pummeling you all lately with these program recordings, but if you only listen to one of the fifteen or sixteen I have done so far, this should be it. It was recorded less than two weeks ago and Mark promised he would have it out by this time. It...

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Another Episode Of “The Basement Tapes”

I participate in all of the podcasts I have been invited to in the basement of my home. It dawned on me this morning that I could humorously refer to them as the "basement tapes". This one is from the Thomas Green Podcast and the Ethical Marketing Service. For better...

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There Oughta Be A Law

I dedicated quite a bit of space in my book "The Intrepid Brotherhood" to the practice of constructive discharge or constructive termination. Today it is called quiet firing. This is a great description of that questionable practice....

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