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There, but for the grace of God …..

Chelsea Jay, Career and Leadership Coach, recently conducted a survey on LinkedIn with only one question: “Have you or someone you’ve known ever worked in a toxic environment?” She left it open for a week and then posted the results.  551 people responded with...

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I provided the same link three times at the end of my post earlier today. No need to read the same thing three times! No excuse. I obviously did not test all of the links. My apologies.

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The Learning Leader

Last time we talked about how important listening is to inspirational leadership. This time let's consider different aspects of intelligence and its role in achieving leadership maturity. Intelligent Leaders Understand How Much They Don't Know - Highly intelligent...

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Holding Space

“I get it. It sucks. Being the first to set aside the argument and attempt to understand someone, to truly listen, is a tough thing to do. It feels like a bitter pill to swallow.  But it’s also the most important. Someone has to take the first step. Someone has to be...

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New Review

Unscheduled blog post today. I just received this news. I am extremely pleased to share that "The Intrepid Brotherhood" received another 5-star review, this time from The Online Book Club. Here is the link to the entire review:...

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When You Suddenly Realize You Are In The Barrel

From Chelsea Jay, Career and Leadership Coach: "If you or someone you know is currently contemplating whether to leave or stay in a toxic work environment, here are my Top 3 Facts for you to consider…👉🏾 Fact 1- It doesn’t get better (just trust me on this…)👉🏾 Fact 2-...

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It’s March

That can mean different things to each of us, including the beginning of daylight savings time, the first signs of spring’s approach, longer days and warmer temperatures, etc.  For me, March is all about the NCAA basketball national championship tournaments.  My...

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Business Therapy

Hey gang! I just participated in this interview with Jon and Sam last Friday. Their show is called "Business Therapy: the show that helps business professionals solve real business problems". It was great fun being challenged by these two very capable consultants....

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