Appearance on CFO Bookshelf – With Mark Gandy

by | Jan 1, 2023

I know I have been pummeling you all lately with these program recordings, but if you only listen to one of the fifteen or sixteen I have done so far, this should be it. It was recorded less than two weeks ago and Mark promised he would have it out by this time. It was probably the most comfortable conversation I have had so far with a podcast host, primarily because he is immersed in the subject matter. I was especially gratified with his evaluation of The Intrepid Brotherhood. Toward the end of the recording you will hear him say that he reads (a phenomenal) ninety-five books a year, and that he ranks my book among the top seven for 2022, and in the overall top twenty-five he has read on the subject. I hope you will listen, and I also hope you will find something beneficial to take away from our conversation. Be sure to check out Mark’s other CFO Bookshelf episodes with other leadership experts and authors.

Stay Courageous,