When You Suddenly Realize You Are In The Barrel

by | Apr 10, 2023

From Chelsea Jay, Career and Leadership Coach:

“If you or someone you know is currently contemplating whether to leave or stay in a toxic work environment, here are my Top 3 Facts for you to consider…

👉🏾 Fact 1- It doesn’t get better (just trust me on this…)

👉🏾 Fact 2- You can’t fix it by yourself (it takes a collective team effort)

👉🏾 Fact 3- Money (aka a paycheck) doesn’t justify tolerating abuse (don’t make this a habit)

👉🏾 Bonus Fact- Just because you “ignore it” or “stay out of it” doesn’t mean it’s not affecting you (hello internal damage!)

I hope this helps you with your decision-making.

If you know a friend or someone in your network that needs to hear this… pass it along!”

Keeping with the same theme, you can find my Four Action Strategies for dealing with a toxic work environment on my website www.intrepidbrotherhood.com.

Stay Courageous,